It’s high time for wisdom Bluetooth to erupt

My grandmother wondering asked me how is that I am able to listen to music without a cable, I took it upon myself explaining it to her and you all what Bluetooth technology is. “ Blue “  tooth designed to communicate wirelessly is a complex technology, but I am presenting  in a simple form to improve the efficiency of the usage and provide fun facts. From household app appliances and fitness trackers to health sensors and medical innovations, Bluetooth technology connects billions of everyday devices. Over the years, it has proven to be the most efficient wireless and user-friendly technology. It has successfully stripped away the cords for headsets, speakers, and entertainment devices.

Surprisingly, Bluetooth got its name from the nickname of King Harald as he had a dead tooth which was dark blue in color. In 1996, five industry leaders, Intel, Ericsson, IBM, Toshiba, and Nokia came together to standardize the short-range technology. For many millennials, Bluetooth was the only affordable option to send videos, photographs, or mp3 audio. A globally accepted technology, today almost all smartphones, PCs, and tablets have this feature. It is estimated that 4 billion devices will be shipped this year embedded with Bluetooth feature in them.

Bluetooth has forever changed how we consume media and listen to music. Let us jump into some interesting facts, the Bluetooth logo found on your device is composed of Harold(H) Bluetooth’s(B) initials in Nodic runes.

The battery life of a Bluetooth device has been critical to its success along with the affordability of various products. Being a modern-day user, one need not worry about the consumption of power when Bluetooth is on, enough though you are not connected to any device. Bluetooth takes care of your battery life and it consumes less than 1% in the entire 24 hours. You need not worry about the power consumption if a device is connected and you forgot to turn off as Bluetooth is smart to take care of that for you. So, a common misconception of switching off your Bluetooth when not in use has to be clarified. To your surprise, you can connect to 7 Bluetooth devices simultaneously and to an unlimited number of low power consumption devices.

A widely accepted opinion that Bluetooth is good for short-range applications. This misconception is mainly due to well-known use cases such as audio and wearables. Bluetooth technology has even designed to serve its users for up to 100 meters now. Extensive keypad user on phone can use wireless bluetooth keyboards for convenience on phones and tablets.  To promote hands free payment amid COVID-19, PayPal designing an app so that customers get receipt all hands free with Bluetooth. Bluetooth enabled hands-free calling and audio streaming to reduce distracted driving and provide a safer way to commute.

 In a nutshell, Bluetooth technology has made life much easier and convenient. With the latest Bluetooth versions, you won’t face any kind of problem. Myths arise due to a lack of knowledge about technology. Despite the fact that Bluetooth is a major player in traditional consumer devices it continues to meet the demands of development. All I can say is the future is blue!

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