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Until I read this book, I haven’t watched a single Marvel Studio movie(I was more of a RomCom person). Even though the book emphasis Robert Iger’s lessons learned during his term as CEO of Disney, and he did a great job of explaining how integrity and optimism matter in true leadership. Surprisingly, I have a different key takeaway from this book. The one thing that caught my attention was his embracement of technology into the system to be more creative that has the potential to beat the competition. I was really curious if technology did make such a huge difference and I immediately subscribed to Disney Hotstar. The content left me in awe and that’s when I decided this book will be the first of many leadership books I am going to review from my perspective. 

“Innovate or Die” a trendy saying used by most CEOs, but executing it takes great talent and getting the company out of its comfort zone.  The Walt Disney Company has embraced innovation by imbibing technology into its creative field and it is seen in its wide range of content including Marvel, Pixar, and even Fox news for that matter. Robert Iger quotes “We lead from a place of fear rather than courage, stubbornly trying to build a bulwark to protect old models that can’t possibly survive the sea change that is underway.” “Black Panther” is one of the instances where Disney came up with an innovative movie under Iger. Marvel executive was against making this movie because they thought movie led by black actors did not perform well internationally. But under Iger’s leadership, this movie received a chance to break into theaters and it grossed $1 billion worldwide. Obviously, it is a combined effort of creative artists but leaders being open to innovative ideas is a vital part of the growth of the company. Iger was successful in resolving disputes between Disney and Pixar and acquire it later to leverage Pixar’s computer-animated character into its innovation.

The Walt Disney Company is a leading and largest media company in the world. It has the capability to influence how we are entertained and influenced. Robert Iger’s decisions can influence us to great extent. This book is not a biography but rather it is a Robert Iger’s lesson that shaped his professional life. Iger compares creativity to art, not science. This statement holds a lot of weightage as he deals with one of the most creative people on this planet. Overall, this book had a great impact on me in terms of how tough decisions are taken and technology is a vital tool to impact on a large scale. 

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